Margarita of the Week:

All freshly made with handpicked ingredients from the fresh fruit markets by the bartenders. Brand new Margarita crafted weekly.


Week 1: Chilli infused Tequila, home-made Kiwi syrup & fresh Lime juice. (Out of Stock)

Week 2: Tequila, fresh Lime juice, Lychee syrup, Lychee juice & Rose water.

Week 3: Tequila, fresh Apple juice & Lime, Clove & Allspice infused Papaya syrup. (Out of Stock)

Week 4: Tequila, fresh Nashi Pear & Lime, Rockmelon syrup and Kaffir Lime leaf. (Out of Stock)

Week 5: Tequila, Campari, fresh Strawberry & Lime with home-made Blood Orange syrup. (Out of Stock)

Week 6: Tequila, Apricot Liqueur, Chartreuse & fresh Lime.

Margarita of the Week